Weightlifting Shoes

March 2014 Update:

This is a now-outdated page referring to our December 2013 sale of 2008 Adistars.  The shoes are sold out except large sizes (13.5 and bigger, US).  You can check the 2008 Adistar page (see top menu) for more information about what remains.  The stock information on that page is accurate as it updates in real-time.  The out of stock Adistars will not be restocked and we don’t know of a place to get them except for eBay (although it’s rare to find these shoes on eBay more than a few times a month).  Please do not contact us attempting to locate 2008 Adistars — we can’t help you.  Best of luck in your search for 2008 Adistars!




There appears to be significant demand for these 2008 Adistars — particularly in certain sizes. This has led to the consideration of a number of different sale formats from eBay-style auction to fixed price to silent auction to a number of others. None really appealed, for a number of reasons. Selling on eBay would require a 10% fee to eBay (several thousand dollars for this many pairs) and the off-eBay software is pretty poor in our testing experience. Fixed price is not really that appealing either because it’s impossible to say what the price is for shoes that are not generally available in this condition anywhere. And most likely, we would set the price too low and it would become a button clicking contest. Not what we want. And so on. Thus, we’ve settled on a combo of Dutch auction (not in the eBay sense, but in the traditional sense) and fixed price. Confused? Read on.

In a Dutch auction, the seller sets a price and lowers it until someone accepts. In this case, we will set RIDICULOUS prices for certain sizes. We don’t expect anyone to accept our opening prices — if they do, we’ve failed to avoid a button clicking contest. However, we will lower prices very quickly and thus we’ll all find out the true market price. Every 15 minutes, the price will lower on these models until our fixed price. At which point the sale will become fixed price and the shoes will simply remain on sale for that price. Just so everyone is clear — we do not think the shoes are worth our initial price but we’ve set our fixed price to what we feel is a reasonable amount. It’s up to the market to decide what the actual value is here for each size.


So, that being said, here are the prices (as stated previously, designed to start at ridiculous and go down to reasonable) along with what they will lower to in 15 minute increments:

Sizes 4-12.5:
$500 / $450 / $425 / $400 / $375 / $350 / $325 / $300 / $275 (two hours later)

Size 13:
$350 / $325 / $300 / $275 / $250 (one hour later)

Sizes 13.5+:
$160 (fixed price)

Once again, and we really can’t say this enough, we don’t think the shoes are worth $500/pair. Don’t get bent out of shape, we’re trying to price the opening number above the market price on purpose.


So with pricing out of the way, another issue is when the sales will occur. The tricky thing is to balance when people will be awake with the impending Christmas holiday with our travel schedule (we’re going to be at Klokov et al seminars, which impacts our ability to do this in time for Christmas). Thus, the sale is being split up into two date/times.

Sale #1: Tuesday December 10th at 9:30pm EST.

We know this is bad for Europe but this sale is an attempt to make it possible for people to get these shoes in time for Christmas. Shoes purchased on the 10th should make it to US destinations in time for Christmas (although, with the USPS, anything is possible…). Most international destinations should be fine too although it will be cutting it close. Nothing guaranteed on arrival but the %s are on your side.

Sale #2: Sunday December 15th at 2:00pm EST.

This time is designed with both Europe and the USA in mind although, keep in mind that these shoes will not ship until after December 19th due to the Klokov/Ilyin/Smalcerz/Polovnikov seminar in LA. There’s a decent chance these will not arrive in time for Christmas in the USA. And there’s basically no chance they will arrive for Christmas to international destinations.

Overall, the shoes will basically be split in half for the two sales, as much as possible. The shoes with just one size (i.e., 4 and 5) will both be sold Tuesday December 10th. Otherwise, shoes will be split.


In addition, there are bound to be additional questions, so here are some FAQs:

Q: What sizes are available?
A: This has been posted here on instagram: http://instagram.com/p/hUq8SdCk-g/. All of those sizes are male US sizes. We will set up a chart with Euro sizes before the sale if you aren’t sure of your US size.

Q: Where will you ship?
A: Worldwide. This means anywhere in the world. Or, if you are a human residing on planet earth, you can buy these shoes. People will still ask if we ship to their country.

Q: What will shipping cost?
A: Shipping will be charged via actual USPS rates. This means Priority Mail in the USA and USPS First Class Mail internationally. This means that, depending on where you are in the USA, the cost will be between $6 and $16 per pair.  Outside of the USA, the cost will range from $22 to $35 per pair (Canada will be cheaper, $15-$25).  Once again, you will be charged exactly what it costs to ship your shoes.  This means that it depends on where you live and how big the shoes are.  Shipping will not be combined if you order more than one pair (mainly because we have boxes that fit the shoes individually and ordering all of the extra boxes to combine shipping would not be practical).

Q: Is the original Adidas box included?
A: We think so. It isn’t guaranteed. We have a ton of boxes but we haven’t confirmed to make sure we actually have a box for every pair. In addition, some of the original boxes are kind of beat up. If you get one of those and you like original boxes — we apologize in advance. Don’t buy these if the box is super important to you. But there’s a good chance you’ll get a decent-ish condition box (note: the shoes are all in great brand new shape with tags still on them).

Q: Is there a quantity limit?
A: Yes, two pairs per household at first. This may be relaxed once people have had a chance to buy. You will be limited to one pair per order (mainly because of the shipping issue above) but you’ll be allowed to place a second order. If you place more than two orders, we won’t fulfill the additional orders.

Q: Where will the sale take place?
A: Right here on hookgrip.com.  Here’s a link: http://www.hookgrip.com/product/2008-adidas-adistar/.

Q: Which payment methods will be accepted?
A: We will set up a paypal payment method. You can also pay with any major credit card without a paypal account if you don’t like paypal for some reason.

Q: Is Christmas delivery guaranteed for the first sale?
A: No. In fact, delivery is not guaranteed at all. Insurance will be at the discretion of the purchaser. If the shoes are stolen off of your doorstep, we cannot take responsibility for that. Packages are sent without signature confirmation. Please be sure that you have a safe place to have this package shipped to.