The Plan

You might be wondering what the plan is for hookgrip. Let me explain.

I have found that there aren’t any good web weightlifting resources, especially in English. While there is information out there, it’s often in hard to find places (such as videos titled in Russian which don’t come up in English language search results) or it gets posted and then deleted at some point. There also aren’t many high quality pictures of many lifters on the web. I find it difficult at best to keep track of which events are going on where and so on and so forth. The idea for hookgrip is to, as much as possible, create a central resource for weightlifting on the web — especially in the English language. I realize that this is a big project and I will probably have to ask for volunteer help at some point. No need to volunteer yet though — I will let you know when I’m looking.

For right now, the best way to help hookgrip is to spread the word on facebook. Tell your weightlifting friends to go like the hookgrip page, share any hookgrip photos that you find interesting (using the facebook share feature), like any picture that you find cool, etc. I really appreciate the help!

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