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As you may know, I’ve attended a number of events, including:

  • 2011 WWC
  • 2012 US Nationals / Arnold
  • 2012 Junior Worlds / Pan Ams
  • 2012 Canadian Nationals
  • 2012 Olympic Games
  • 2012 American Open
  • 2013 Arnold
  • 2013 Master Nationals
  • 2013 Europeans
  • 2013 Junior Worlds
  • A number of local meets such as the 2013 FDU Open and 2013 Pittsburgh Open
  • I also have shots from many of the sessions at the 2012 University Worlds, 2012 European Juniors and 2012 European U23s

The result? I have thousands of pictures from many of the sessions at those events. I’ve gotten a lot of interest from lifters and others who would like copies of pictures.

With regards to whether I will give you copies of the pictures that I’ve taken, the simple answer is usually going to be yes.

One of the core reasons that I have taken pictures is to use them for promotion for hookgrip. Thus, I am happy to give you the pictures in web-level resolution (up to about 1000px wide) with the hookgrip watermark on them. For many events, I post full albums (typically by session) on facebook.  For instance, I did this with the 2012 American Open, the 2012 US Nationals, etc.  As of the writing of this, I am in the process of doing this with the 2013 Arnold.  If you competed in an event where I am not putting up all of the pictures, feel free to use the contact form to get in touch and I will send you a few watermarked images.  If you competed in an event where I am putting up session albums, please wait for me to put up the images on facebook as I receive too many requests to send pictures out individually for free (hence one reason I put up the albums).

If you’d like to learn more about options for buying pictures and so on, please read the rather long FAQ below.

Q: Do you sell pictures?

A: As stated above, my primary goal with the pictures that I’ve taken is promotion and content for hookgrip. And that’s why I am mostly willing to give the pictures away with a watermark. However, if you would like the pictures without a watermark, I would charge for them as I am losing the promotional value of the watermark. In addition, if you would like the picture in a high resolution format (over 4000px wide), I would usually also charge for that, circumstances depending on how it’ll be used and how much tolerance you have for a watermark. In that case, contact me and we can work something out. If you’d still like to buy, please see below for pricing. Also, I am willing to do trades! See below for more info on that also.

If you decide to buy, please use the contact us page to get in touch and we can go from there.

Q: So what’s the free option for pictures here?

A: As I wrote at the top of the page, I will give you 1000px wide images of some of your lifts with the hookgrip watermark on them via the albums that I post or if you email me if your event is not being posted as albums.  I really appreciate you helping me to promote hookgrip!

Q: If I go with the free option, will I get every picture that you’ve taken of me? What about a sequence picture?

A: Sadly, I don’t have the time to do that for everyone for free. The reason is that I manually edit each picture to make it look better. When I am giving the pictures away, I really don’t receive much more promotional value if I give you 20 instead of giving you, say, 3. Of course, in theory, I don’t mind the idea of giving you every picture. But there’s no fast way to edit the pictures and put proper watermarks on them. So I can’t promise every shot or sequence pictures for everyone for free. If you want those, you will have to purchase them.

Q: So what’s the pricing look like?

A: I am pricing things with two separate licenses, personal and commercial. A personal license means that you can’t use the image for commercial purposes (ie, you cannot give the image to a supplement company that sponsors you and tell them that they can use it). In addition, a personal license can only be purchased by the lifter themselves (or immediate family or similar). A personal license is not designed for purchases of well-known lifters by their fans. The reason for all of this is that I want to make images available to lifters for a small amount of money because I know that lifting is not a lucrative profession. So in hand with the low pricing comes a fairly restrictive sales policy and license. The pricing is as follows:

All pictures of all lifts (on a per meet basis), USD$40. These images will be unwatermarked and they will be full resolution. However, as stated above, you cannot sell these images, use these images in conjunction with an image for sale or use the images to promote a commercial entity. You also cannot transfer the license or grant a license of any kind to anyone to use the images. Primarily, the reasons to purchase a personal license are to make prints, to get copies of all pictures of your lifts and to put on non-commercial websites such as facebook, twitter, personal blog and so on. If you’d like pictures to promote your personal business, to use as part of a donation drive, to put on a poster for a local meet or similar, please purchase a commercial license for that picture.

I cannot guarantee that I have high-quality images of any given lift due to various factors but I will always inform you of what I do have so you can make a final decision on your purchase at that time.

In addition to digital images, I can also sell 18×12 and 30×20 prints of pretty much any picture that I have posted on hookgrip.  Prices are typically $15/$30 respectively although there are some cases in which prices may change a little for various reasons (ie, if you order a lot or if you’re ordering a number of copies of the same poster).

Q: What about a commercial license?

A: If you want a picture of someone other than yourself or if you want to use the images in a commercial manner, you should purchase a commercial license. It’s important to note that if you buy a commercial license, it is non-transferable and cannot be extended to another party. For instance, if you buy a commercial license, it allows you and only you to use the image. You cannot send it to another entity and allow them to use the image in a commercial manner as well. In addition, a commercial license does not allow you to resell a digital version of the image. However, you could use a commercial license to print and sell posters of an image. You could also use the image digitally in conjunction with a product of yours. Of course, depending on local laws, you may need the permission of the person in the image if you would like to use it. The hookgrip commercial license does not grant you anything other than permission to use our copyrighted image for commercial purposes.

For pricing on commercial licenses, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Q: How can I pay?

A: I accept PayPal. I will give you the details about payment via email once I confirm that I have the pictures that you’re looking for.

Q: What about trades?

A: If you don’t have money but you have something cool that you’d like to trade, I might be willing to barter. I am primarily thinking of weightlifting-related items here. For instance, I love things like local weightlifting club/federation t-shirts, jackets, posters, banners, rare shoes, country-specific singlets, etc. Or old gear of some kind (when I say old, I don’t mean things like smelly and beat up shoes… I just mean old gear) is neat too. If you want full-resolution pictures and you have something cool, just let me know and we can see about working something out.

4 thoughts on “Pictures FAQ

  1. john says:

    Hey man, I love the site- look forward to new pics all the time. I was interested in doing a full snatch sequence poster and a full cnj sequence poster for my crossfit gym, to use as a tutorial (and as motivation!!) can I buy poster prints from you, or send them to Kinko’s? Let me know, and thanks! -John Zindle

  2. Daniel Farrell says:

    Great site !
    I would like to purchase prints 30×20 of Ilya Ilin snatch and clean sequences. I saw the sequence of the clean, any more catching the clean in a full squat. The two sequences posted on Facebook are truly magnificent. Do you have more of Ilya Ilin? I’m an old aspiring 94 kg lifter. 🙂
    Awesome work you have created.
    Thank you
    Daniel Farrell

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