New Year’s Resolution

Hi all (all three of you that visit the actual website). My name is Nat, I started hookgrip. My New Year’s resolution is to use the website more. I started by clearing out a bunch of the extremely outdate information (lots of it still remains — but I left things that we will be updating) and changing the theme to the same theme we use for the hookgrip store as a temporary design change. But there is a lot more planned for this space in 2016 and beyond.

Firstly, to get a few things out of the way, a lot of the information in the blog entries below is outdated. The weightlifting photography article says that I shoot with a Nikon D700. I actually haven’t even owned that camera for several years. Almost exactly two years ago (in Jan 2013) I bought a Nikon D3s and switched over to that body. I’ve since bought another Nikon D3s as a second body and this past summer I picked up a Nikon D4. So now I have three pro-level Nikon bodies. That entry also doesn’t mention video because, well, I wasn’t shooting video at the time. But we take most of our video with either a Sony A7s or Sony FS700. We also just picked up a Sony A7s II and we’ll likely be picking up some more equipment this year (as always).

Secondly, why no website so far? Yes yes, I know, we haven’t really put any time/effort into the website. Quite simply, it’s because we think most people are on social media more than they’re on the web. Plus social media is a great way to spread awareness and reach a lot of people with interesting content. If someone sees something on a website, they can’t just tag their friend so their friend sees it in the same way people can on instagram or facebook. Anyway, while we feel social is and will always be our number one way to reach people, we’ve run into some issues. Facebook is a far from ideal way for us to share photo albums. We can’t customize the interface on social to be designed for our content. We get filtered out of feeds on places like Facebook as their are constantly changing their algorithm. The 15 second limit on instagram is a really pain in the butt sometimes. And so on. We aren’t complaining about any of the social networks though — their owners and management own those platforms and they can do as they see fit with them. We’re just users, like anyone else. But even if we aren’t complaining, we think a lot of those platforms are less than ideal and that we can do a better job of displaying our content on the web. So it’s time to start using this medium.

Thirdly, so what can everyone expect? Good question, we don’t know. We’ve set aside money from hookgrip store profits (thank you to everyone who supports us!) to build an awesome website. We have a lot of ideas — and a lot of great content that has never seen the light of day. And we have a lot of passionate followers who we think can help us to build an awesome site designed to find and consume weightlifting content in the best way possible. However, we don’t have a full time developer on staff. And good developers are notoriously difficult employees to find and hire. We’ll probably start with some freelancers and go from there. There will likely be 5, 10, 100+ problems along the way. Several days this year will probably result in our whole site displaying some error message while I’m frantically on the phone with someone on the other side of the world. So don’t expect perfection or all of our planned features right out of the box. The website will be a work-in-progress basically forever — and that’s okay. But we’ll be working on this project as much as possible in 2016 to make the best weightlifting-related website we possibly can.

Happy New Year to everyone and keep an eye on this site!